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Why is Rabadaba so awesome?

We know what you like

RABADABA takes your favorite features from social apps like Instagram, Imgur, and Facebook and combines them into one amazing app. Oh yeah and WE PAY YOU CASH! Your activity on the app earns you money. Each month we pay directly to your PayPal account. RABADABA is available for both Android and iOS devices!

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways take place every day on the RABADABA app. Since the RABS you earn through voting and posting are yours - you are free to do what you want with them. Maybe you'd like to see who can post the best sunset pic or who can create the funniest caricature! Contests are a great way to gain followers, expose your content and ingratiate yourself with the constantly buzzing RABADABA community.

Community of Friends

As your community of friends and followers grows, use the chat feature to reach out and communicate with your new RABADABA pals. Send tips, pictures, videos, gifs or even your location in our unique messaging system. Want to start a group chat? Easy enough, just add your friends like you do in iMessage and get the party started.

Frind Friends Near You

Users from around the world meet here daily to post their original artwork, photography, selfies, pet pictures and so much more. RABADABA allows you to find friends from every corner of the globe all while getting access to the most viral, original videos, photos and gifs available.

Original Content Badge

Original content is king on RABADABA. Use our one-of-a-kind 'Original Content' camera to take pictures and videos that your followers will KNOW are original. When you see the green badge at the top left of a photo or video, you can rest assured that this content isn't from a catfish or bot account - this is the real deal!

Play Fair

If you're tired of fake followers, spam messages and hollow shoutouts then RABADABA is the place for you. Our system highlights quality, original content so that genuine connections are made between likeminded people. No more catfish accounts or bots here! Join today and see why so many have left those 'other' social apps for the greener pastures of RABADABA.